The Drive By (not the shooting kind)

30 04 2010

I know, I know. Drive-bys are creepy and not cool, and yes, I am guilty of having done one or 10, but if you find a girl who hasn’t, let me know because I would love to shake hands with Miss I’m Not Curious Willpower herself. So what is the purpose of a drive-by? Duh…to see if the dude your seeing or like has his car parked out front of his house. Ok, so then what? Hmmmm, good question.

So you already know that I routinely only heard from KK after 11pm. So what would I do between 9-11 when I was waiting for him to call or text. Well I would do drive-bys of course. Sometime’s the ‘sclade was there and I would just turn around, go home and wait to hear from him. When the ‘sclade wasn’t there, I would sometimes text him to see what he was doing. And if on the odd occasion he answered me, he usually said he was “at home”. HA HA. GOT YA! No you weren’t you lying greaseball. I just drove by your house like a wild animal stalking its prey and your car was not there. Idiot.

Ok, so now I’m -2 for cool points. Lost a point for doing drive-bys in the first place, and lost another point for not deleting him from my phone and my life! You can learn from my mistakes or you can experience them yourself. I don’t condone drive-bys, but I’m not necessarily opposed to them either. Sometimes you have to experience things for yourself no matter what anyone tells you.


The Not So “Cool” Guys

30 04 2010

Before we go any further, I feel as though I should define cool. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, cool is:  slang a : very good : excellent; also : all right b : fashionable, hip. This is the context I will be using the term “cool” in; however, I will be relating it to life and experiences. Example: winning 20 mill in a lottery is awesome. But donating a couple million of that to breast cancer research, KidsSport, or whatever charity you feel passionate about helping…is COOL.

As I mentioned in my first post, I truly believe voting is cool. I think being a Big Brother or Sister is cool, and thus, with you’re help I think we can totally start new trends within our millennial generation that are not only cool, but change the world and people’s lives for the greater good.

In contrast to what is cool though, we obviously have to look at the other side of what is not cool – and out of this, we can learn, laugh and share stories about people, places and things that are simply SANS COOL. To begin, let’s go back to the year 2003 when I met KK…

Oh KK. Tall, blonde, hockey hair flow, tanned, drove an escalade, had money and a career playing hockey. Doooooooshbag. I liked him. I liked him a lot. Why you ask? Ummmm I think it was because he brought me back like 10 items from Bath & Body Works in the States just after we met. And if you know me, you’ll know how obsessed I am with Warm Vanilla Sugar, Black Raspberry Vanilla, Mango Mandarin and Coconut Lime Verbena. The secret into my heart (or one of many). COOL POINT +1 for KK.

We met at a golf tournament and immediately hit it off and started talking, texting, you know. After Bath & Body Works however, things fall to shit.

Here’s Your Sign (that he’s not so cool) #1:
When a guy calls or texts you ONLY after 11pm

This isn’t the end of the KK saga, but merely the beginning of a lot of signs that I just chose to ignore. Put this sign in your mouth for a minute. Swish it around, see how it tastes. If it tastes familiar, chances are the dude’s not cool. Unless he’s calling you from Croatia and it’s 8am his time and he has just gotten up to make his great Grandma pancakes, walk her dog, bathe her and then crochet a sweater. But I doubt it.

Enjoy the sun today. 14 and sunny in Victoria, BC.! We’ll re-convene later.